Attack MCU Chip Silicon Lab C8051F304 Mixed Signal ISP Flash MCU

We can CRACK MCU Silicon Lab C8051F304 Mixed Signal ISP Flash MCU chip, please view the IC microcontroller features for your reference:

Analog Peripherals

8-Bit ADC (‘F300/2 only)

·   Up to 500 ksps

·   Up to 8 external inputs

·   Programmable amplifier gains of 4, 2, 1, & 0.5

·   VREF from external pin or VDD

·   Built-in temperature sensor

·   External conversion start input


·   Programmable hysteresis and response time

·   Configurable as interrupt or reset source

·   Low current (<0.5 µA)

On-chip Debug

On-chip debug circuitry facilitates full speed, non-intrusive in-system debug (no emulator required)

High Speed 8051 µc Core

Pipelined instruction architecture; executes 70% of instructions in 1 or 2 system clocks

Up to 25 MIPS throughput with 25 MHz clock

Expanded interrupt handler


256 bytes internal data RAM

Up to 8 kB Flash; In-system programmable in 512 byte sectors

Digital Peripherals

8 Port I/O; All 5 V tolerant with high sink current

Hardware enhanced UART and SMBus™ serial ports

Provides breakpoints, single stepping, inspect/modify memory and registers

Superior performance to emulation systems using

ICE-chips, target pods, and sockets

Complete development kit


Three general-purpose 16-bit counter/timers 16-bit programmable counter array (PCA) with three capture/compare modules

Real time clock mode using PCA or timer and external clock source


Supply Voltage 2.7 to 3.6 V

Typical operating current: 5 mA @ 25 MHz;

11 µA @ 32 kHz

Typical stop mode current: 0.1 µA

Temperature range: –40 to +85 °C


Clock Sources

Internal oscillator: 24.5 MHz with ±2% accuracy supports UART operation

External oscillator: Crystal, RC, C, or clock (1 or 2 pin modes)

Can switch between clock sources on-the-fly; Useful in power saving modes

11-Pin Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) Package

(Lead-free package available)


3×3 mm PWB footprint